Buachaille Etive Mor Glen Etive Grampian Mountains Scotland - Images were made during a recent visit to Scotland whilst traveling through Glen Coe and Rannock Moor.

Using an old 120 film camera and some rolls of Kodak negative 160VC colour film.

Knowing that the camera and film may have unpredictable characteristics I returned to locations I am familiar with and have photographed before.

The film was out of date and although I had experimented with out of date film before there was no true way of knowing how it would react to exposure and processing. The tests suggested the film sensitivity was lessened and when developed the negatives had a type of chemical fogging producing untrue colours and an overall yellow/orange hue.

The images were made by over exposing the film and processing the negative as normal then high resolution scanned and retouched using Photoshop.

Fine art prints - Limited edition of 5 per image + 2 AP. Numbered and signed by the artist, including certificate of authentication. The images are archival colour ink jet prints measuring W254mm x H254mm (image size) on a white W508mm x H508mm background.

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